How do I set up automatic subscriber renewal for my list?

Automatic subscriber renewal greatly reduces the maintenance of individual subscriptions and is highly recommended for all lists. It helps you as the list owner by periodically sending email to your subscribers asking them to confirm their subscription to your list.

To add subscription renewal, add the following keyword to the header of your list:

  • Renewal= interval
  • Renewal= interval,Delay(number)
  • Renewal= interval,Delay(number),Probe

where interval is a period of time such as Weekly, Yearly, 6-monthly, or something similar, and Delay(number) is an integer corresponding to how many days LISTSERV will wait for the renewal confirmation to arrive. (See "* Renewal=" in Appendix B of the List Owner's Manual for more information on renewal and delay periods; see Chapter 4.9 above, for more information on the "Probe" parameter.) Note: that you can have multiple interval parameters; see the entry for "* Renewal=" in Appendix B for details.

The confirmation request sends an email to each subscriber asking them to send the command CONFIRM listname back to LISTSERV. If the subscriber does not do so within a certain length of time, LISTSERV automatically deletes the subscription. The default delay time is seven days. If you wish to use the default delay time, it is not necessary to code ",Delay(7)" into your Renewal parameters.

Note: You may wish to increase the delay time to accommodate users whose subscriptions expire over holidays (such as the Christmas/New Year's week) to avoid accidental deletions. Also, be aware that confused subscribers can and will send the CONFIRM command back to the list, rather than to LISTSERV. LISTSERV's default filter will catch these commands and forward them to the userid(s) defined by the "* Errors-To=" keyword.

Subscription renewal can be waived for certain users (such as list owners, editors, redistribution lists, etc.). To do this, simply issue the command:

[QUIET] SET listname NORENEW FOR net-address

to LISTSERV. It is most advisable to do this in the case of redistribution lists, as they broadcast the renewal notice to their users, who a) cannot renew the subscription and b) become very confused when they see the notice, often sending "what does this mean?" mail to the list.

You can also issue the CONFIRM command on behalf of a subscriber:

[QUIET] CONFIRM listname FOR net-address

Note: that active users of the list (people who post regularly to the list) will never be required to renew their subscriptions, nor (if subscription "probing" is enabled) will they ever be sent the passive subscription probe. LISTSERV presumes that such users have valid addresses, and it does not require a renewal confirmation from them.


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