How to manage classes in myRider? How do I manage all of my classes?

My Classes myRider offers you the ability to manage all of your classes from one convenient location – the My Classes channel on the Faculty tab

You can email your students, manage your office hours and syllabus, view your roster and waitlist (if available) all from the My Classes channel.

This channel will display all of your classes for a pre-determined semester or multiple semesters, based on the selections you choose in the edit screen, accessible clicking on “Preferences” in the top right corner of the channel.

The following shows the options you can select:

You can decide which of the following links you display on your My Classes channel by checking or un-checking the check-box next to each option.

You can also decide how many semesters worth of sections to display, depending on which semester you select to display in the “From Term”.

You can set how many classes you want to display on the channel also by selecting that number in the “Number of Rows” box. If you have more classes than the limit you set here, you will see a link for “More” at the bottom of your channel that will then display all of your sections.

If you decide to display classes from multiple semesters, you can select whether to sort them by Term or Subject. If you change any of the settings on this form, you must first click "Apply", then "Back" to return to the channel. If you make a mistake, or want to reset any settings, click on "Reset". The Back link will also take you back to the My Classes channel.

When you click on the name of a class in the My Classes Channel, you will be taken to a new screen titled Faculty Detail Schedule.

This screen allows you to link to many different areas for additional information regarding the class, including the course catalog information, textbook information, meeting time information, class roster, email the students in the class, and grading.


There are many ways to access your class roster. Click the Class list link (1), Summary Class List link (2) or Enrollment Link (3) – will all take you to a Summary Class List screen. Summary Class List – Displays a list of students that also allows you to link to student information by clicking the students’ name, as well as enter midterm or final grades, email the student.

Click the Detail Class List (4). Detail Class List – provides more detailed information about each student in your class such as their program, school, campus, major, class level. There is also a link for you to email each student individually from this screen, as well as the class as a whole. 

If you click the CRN from this screen, it will link to the detailed class list.

This screen displays the academic and class level of each student, as well as the program, admit term, major, college and campus of the student. The Detail Class list can also be linked to via the Faculty Detail Schedule page.

From the Summary Class List page, if you click on the student name, it will display basic student information as well as display links to obtain the email address for the student, as well as link to the midterm and final grading screens for your class.




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