What is TutorTrac and how do I login?

What is TutorTrac?

Tutortrac is a web application that provides a convenient way for you to schedule appointments or review our tutoring schedules online. Tutortrac will automatically send you e-mail reminders of the date and time of appointments you have scheduled.

Schedule your appointment or View Tutoring Schedules
TutorTrac: http://tutortrac.rider.edu

How to Schedule Tutoring Appointments or to View Tutoring Schedules

To schedule appointments or view our tutoring schedules, please read the following instructions. Then click on the Tutortrac link above to login.

Instructions for using TutorTrac | Video Tutorial: Making an Appointment on TutorTrac

Sign into Tutortrac by using your RIDER KEY.

  • Click on Search Availability (located in the Student Options box in the upper left-hand corner of the screen).

  • Click on the Center you wish to use (located in the top box on the right side of the screen). The Center you select is dependent upon the type of tutoring you request:
  • Select Supplemental Instruction to view the meeting times and locations of regularly scheduled Supplemental Instruction group sessions.
  • Select Tutoring Services to schedule individual or small group appointments with Peer Tutors for most of the courses taught at Rider OR to view the meeting times and locations of regularly scheduled Drop-in group sessions.
  • Select Writing Lab to schedule individual writing appointments with Student Writing Tutors or Professional Tutors or to schedule study strategy appointments with Professional Tutors.
  • Select Success Coaching to schedule individual coaching sessions.
  • Select Sanda to schedule individual appointments or to view the meeting times and locations of regularly scheduled group sessions.
  • Choose the course in which you would like assistance from the “Section” drop-down list. For the Writing Lab, select “Writing” or “Study Strategies.” Click on the Search button.
  • (OPTIONAL) If you know the name of the tutor with whom you would like to schedule the appointment, you can also choose the name of the tutors from the consultant drop-down list.
  • Scroll across the page to see a list of tutors and their available times.*
  • Click on the available time to set your appointment. Select the “Reason” from the drop-down list (Individual or Group).
  • Click on the Save button once you are certain that you would like to schedule this appointment.

*Appointments can be scheduled up to 2 weeks in advance and must be scheduled 36 hours in advance. If you are scheduling within 36 hours of the desired appointment time, you will need to contact the Student Success Center at 609-896-5008.

Check your Rider e-mail for reminders of the date, time, and location of your scheduled appointment. Please let us know if you cannot attend your appointment. Students who miss 2 appointments will be blocked from scheduling subsequent appointments.

NOTE: If the course you are taking is not listed under Tutoring Services, please stop by the Tutoring Services office, BLC 237 or call (609) 896-5008 to complete a Tutor Request form


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