Grade submission using myRider

myRider allows faculty to grade conveniently from the Grade Submission channel on the Faculty tab in myRider.

  • You can edit some of what is displayed in this channel by clicking on the “Preferences” link in the top right corner of the channel.

  • You can set how many classes you want to display on the channel also by selecting that number in the “Number of Rows” box. If you have more classes than the limit you set here, you will see a link for “More” at the bottom of your channel that will then display all of your sections.
  • You can decide how many semesters worth of sections to display, depending on which semester you select to display in the “From Term”.
  • You can decide which views you want to have available to select on your Grade Submission channel by clicking or un-clicking Midterm or Final. Please note that Gradebook will not be used at Rider.
  • You can also select which view is you default by selecting the radio button next to Midterm or Final.




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