How do I register my Smart TV with nowires?

Most newer TV's use have built in Wi-Fi capabilities. Before your TV can see the nowires wireless network you must first register the TV's MAC address with Nowires. Part 1 will explain how to register your Wi-Fi capable Smart TV with Nowires. Part 2 will explain how to register your Ethernet-capable Smart TV with Nowires.

Part 1 - Wireless Registration

Note: Device registration can take up to 15-30 minutes to register to the network - after allowing this time, if restarting the device does not work, immediately escalate.

1. This document explains how to register your Smart TV with Nowires ( These instructions and the referenced Nowires site only pertain to Smart TV's that access the Internet wirelessly.                                                                  

 Example A

2. To access the Nowires registration page click ‘Continue to the Device Registration page’ tab at the bottom of the page. Enter your RIDER KEY user ID and password.

Example B

3. Enter a name (J’s TV) in the Device Name box. Enter your device’s MAC address in the MAC Address box. If you don’t know how to find your device's Mac address, you can find the instructions on how to find it in the Wired Registration below.

Example C

4. Select the ‘List Devices” tab and you can and access your wireless devices. See Example D. Rider University allows each user up to 3 wireless devices and 3 wired devices. Registering your Smart TV as a wired device will allow you to better use your wireless device quota.

Example D

5. You can easily delete, or deactivate any device via this console. Deleting the device will remove it completely, freeing up room to enter another device. Deactivating a device removes its ability to access the Internet, and better protecting your device from being used by others. Deactivated devices still count towards your 3 device quota. To delete or deactivate a device click on the device name and then click ‘Remove’. This will open the device account removal form, see Example E.

Example E

Part 2 - Wired Registration

1. This document explains how to register your Smart TV, which is connected to a wall port via wired Ethernet cable. Unlike wireless online registration, wired Smart TVs still have to be registered manually by OIT staff. Check with your Smart TV Manufacturer's website for details on how to find your Smart TV's MAC address.





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