Software Requests for Apporto Cloud Desktop

Because the Apporto Cloud Desktop is actively used throughout the academic year, new software, add-ons and software upgrades are installed based on the schedule below to ensure there are no service interruptions during the semester:


Between May 1st and August 1st for the Fall semester

Between January 2nd and January 15th for the Spring semester


How Do I Request Software?


Throughout the Spring semester, a survey is sent to all faculty to collect instructional software needs for the following academic year.  Apporto software requests for the Fall semester should be submitted via the survey.


Faculty requesting new software for Apporto at any other time should:

  1. Consult with Dr. Lauren Eder, OIT’s faculty liaison for Apporto, to discuss software needs and software currently available.
  2. Create a Help Desk ticket for the request and provide the following information:


  • Faculty name
  • Approval from your dean (approval can be attached to the Help Desk ticket).
  • Software title and version requested
  • Semester the software is needed
  • Course in which the software will be used, including course ID(‘s) and section(s)
  • If the software you are requesting offers a “free” educational license, the vendor may require a Rider faculty member to obtain the license. In these cases, OIT will require your assistance.


** OIT does not automatically upgrade software unless the current version is no longer supported by the vendor.



When Do I Need to Place My Request for Software?


By April 1st for software to be ready for the Fall semester

By November 1st for software to be ready for the Spring semester


How Will I Know When the Software is Available?

Once your request is submitted, approved and installed in Apporto, the Help Desk will contact you to try out the software. The Help Desk is only able to verify that the software opens without error and strongly suggests that faculty run through a few lessons and assignments to make sure the software functions fit your needs.


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