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25Live is a web-based room scheduling system used to schedule classes and events across campus.


Account Requests & Changes

Request a new account or changes to an existing account.
Please provide the system / application name and a detailed description of the request / change.


Apporto is Rider University's cloud virtual desktop environment which provides students and faculty access to academic software.


Axiom Software is the tool that is used to aid in the new fiscal year budget planning process.

Axis TV Issues

Report an issue with the Axis TV system.



Banner is an administrative software application. Banner maintains student, financial and personnel data.


BenefitFocus is the online enrollment, administration and communication platform for staff and faculty.

Borrowing Media Equipment

Media Services has a wide variety of audio video equipment available for loan to faculty and staff.


BroncNation is a portal to on campus events and organizations.


Cable TV on Campus

Cable TV on Campus

Campus Directory

The campus directory includes contact information for faculty, staff and emeriti.

Canvas Course Merger - Cross-List

Submit a request to merge or cross list Canvas courses. Please provide both course numbers.

Canvas How-To - Training

Not sure how to do something in Canvas? Submit a request for training or to have a question answered.

Canvas Issues

Having an issue with Canvas? Report it here.

Canvas Organization Management

Submit a request to have a role changed or removed from your organization in Canvas.

Classroom Emergencies

For reporting technical issues in classrooms.

Classroom Printer Issues

Report an issue with a classroom printer.

Conduct Coordinator - MyCoCo

Conduct Coordinator manages all aspects of Code of Conduct violations.


CSGold provides and supports Bronc ID Card services.



DegreeWorks is a web‐based planning tool to help students and advisors monitor student's progress toward degree completion.



EAB is Rider's student success management system.

EasyPrint Print Quotas

Get help with your printing quota.

EasyPrint Service

Get Help with the EasyPrint service.


The Enhanced Course Roster is an interactive Rider course schedule is that allows you to search, browse or filter course lists. Use the Sketch a Schedule feature to help plan your schedule out before registration.

Event Assistance

Media Services provides the Rider community with audio visual assistance for both classroom and on campus events.


Fall 2021 Requests


Google Calendar

Get help with Google Calendar.

Google Drive

Get help with Google Drive

Google Email (visit Accounts and Access for help logging into email.)

Get help with your Google Email, not related to login or password resets.
To report a problem with your Rider Email account not related to logging in or password resets. Provide the email username and a detailed description of the issue. If you are seeing an error message, please provide a screen shot.



Handshake is a tool used to set up appointments with your career advisor, to obtain approval of your application documents, to search for internships and jobs, and more.

How to or Questions About Workstations Tablets or Scanners

To submit a request for questions about workstations, tablets or scanners.


IT Evaluation Request

Submit form to request an IT evaluation.

IT Project Request

This service is used to request projects from IT.



Submit a request to upload videos


LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning provides Students, Faculty and Staff access to a video training library.

Listserv Email Lists

Request a new listserv or to make changes to an existing listserv.

Live streaming (audio/video)

Media Services can provide event streaming services to faculty and staff.

Login Issues

Report an issue logging on to a service such as myRider, Gmail or Banner.



The Medicat system supports campus health centers, student wellness and success.

Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 offers online and downloadable applications such as; Word, Excel and Powerpoint to current Rider Students.

Move a Workstation or Scanner

To request assistance moving a workstation or scanner.

Move or Remove a Printer

Request a printer to be moved or removed.


The myRider Web portal is a personalized hub that allows Rider students, faculty and staff centralized access to available campus web services and resources.

myRider Mobile App

The myRider mobile app allows quick access to myRider from your mobile device.



Nelnet's eStore and Commerce Manager Campus Commerce solutions are used to collect and process non-Student AR related payments via an on-line portal.

Network Device Registration

Register your computer and devices on the Rider University network to connect to the Internet.

New Network Drop/Connection

Request a new wired network connection


nowires is the University’s wireless network and is available in all academic, administrative buildings and residence halls on both campuses.



The Overload/Adjunct Contract System (OACS) is used by Rider’s Academic Affairs Department to maintain faculty and course contract information for adjuncts and full-time overloads.

Office Printer Issues

Report an issue with a Networked Office Printer

Other Google Apps

Report an issue with any other Google App.

Other Services

For other media needs.


Password Reset Request

Please be aware if you have claimed your RIDER KEY account, you can reset your own password at For all other passwords, please submit a ticket.


PolicyMap is an data and mapping tool for accessing data about communities across the U.S. to make better-informed decisions without any prior experience.

Presentation equipment request

Submit a request for presentation equipment.


PSAL (Personal Solving Activity Log) is a proactive web based case management application.



Qualtrics Survey software is available to all faculty and staff to create custom surveys.

Quotes for Printers & Toners

Submit a ticket to obtain a quote for a printer or for toner.


Raiser’s Edge

The Raiser’s Edge is a comprehensive fundraising and constituent relationship management solution for complex non-profit institutions.

Recording Services

Media Services offers audio recording to faculty and staff members. Students can request audio recorders.

Remote Instruction Support

Requests related to remote instruction support.

Remove a Workstation or Scanner

To request removal a workstation or scanner.

Report an EasyPrint Printer Issue

Report an issue with an EasyPrint printer.

Request a Computer

To request a computer or monitor, complete the form.

Request a Tablet

Request a Rider University issued tablet.

Request Desktop Software for Research Purposes

Request new, upgraded or additional licenses of academic research software

Rider Cell Phone Issues

Report an issue with a Rider issued cell phone.

Rider Cell Phone Request

Request a Rider University issued cell phone.


Rider Alert is the University’s electronic notification system for students, faculty and staff used during emergencies or inclement weather. It can also be used to provide timely warnings as a means of preventing crimes or other serious incidents. Rider Alert provides messaging via cell phone calls, texts and emails.



Online prevention and awareness program training courses.

Scanner Issue

Report a scanner issue.


SDRT is the Student Data Retrieval Tool.


Slate is Admissions Customer Relationship Management system. Review and manage all interactions, communications, applications, test scores, relationships, and materials, all in one comprehensive area.

Software - Problems or How do I?

Submit your software questions or report a problem with software.

Software for Academic Use and Classroom Instruction

Submit a request for new, upgraded or additional software in classrooms or for faculty academic use.

Software Installation

Submit a request to install licensed University software (ex. MS Office, SPSS).

Software Quotes

Request a quote for new or additional desktop software.

StarRez - Housing Portal

StarRez Web is a fully integrated solution used to create and manage student housing requirements.

Studio Abroad

Studio Abroad is the portal for Rider students for studying abroad.


Tablet Issue

Report an issue with a Rider issued tablet.


Request a teleconference polycom.


Report an issue with a telephone.

Telephone Move /Add /Changes

Submit a request for a telephone move, add or change.


Tutortrac is a web application that provides a convenient way to schedule appointments or review our tutoring schedules online.


Video Conferencing

Submit a request describing your video conferencing needs.


Rider University uses VPN to allow access to some services (Banner, 25Live, myRider, StarRez, Novell) from off campus.


Wired Connection Issues

Issues connecting to Rider University's wired network.

Workstation Issue

Report an issue with a Rider issued workstation. Content Changes

Request changes to the Rider University web site.



Zoom is the tool used for video conferencing, web conferencing and webinars.